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Snap offers top competitive value and will processes thousands of return & factory whole goods from our partners – specializing in fine retail, accessory, and commercial goods offered as refurbished product through our distinct resale channels. These flexible resale options allow us to turn inventory quickly and offer our partners the best possible outcomes.


Our skilled craftspeople are sourced directly from industry to service specific products – ensuring that we treat the recommercialization of each product with the utmost care and quality. Defect whole goods are typically disposed of and / or harvested for replacement parts keeping as much product recycled and out of landfills as possible.


We maintain direct relationships with large, accredited recycling partners to dispose of specific items that require special care and / or conversion to base goods. We are experienced at handling electronics, batteries, metals, and other heavily trafficked raw inputs and component parts.


We deal in wholesale goods and can process / accept large quantities of items for shipment at our secured facilities. We arrange for most of our volume to be sold direct to consumer through convenient channels, avoiding further processing and cumbersome layers to the disposition channel.


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