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There’s A Quiet Revolution Underway With Recommerce

Brands need to pay attention to the unprecedented growth in the recommerce market that’s being propelled by consumer demand for sustainability as well as e-commerce and massively scalable traceability technology.

The rise of recommerce: retail’s sustainable future

The recommerce market is booming, thanks to a generational mindset shift combined with changes wrought by the global health pandemic that are driving consumers to adopt more sustainable shopping habits.

Gen Z e-commerce trends — the second-hand economy

An eBay study found that Gen Z is buying more pre-owned goods versus other generations. 81% of those surveyed said that buying pre-owned has become more common over the last year.

Half of All Americans Shopped Resale During the Pandemic

With work and school at home, the shift from retail to resale accelerated as Americans increased their spending on home decor by $27 billion.

Recommerce On The Rise: How Traditional Retailers Can Stay Competitive

Driven in large part by millennials and Generation Z, the resale, or “recommerce,” market is booming. Currently worth approximately $24 billion, it is projected to reach $51 billion by 2023.

Backlogs in furniture industry lead to boost in resale market

The company recently put out its third annual “Recommerce Report,” which found about 23% of people who bought resale last year bought furniture. That’s second just behind clothing.


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