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– Recommerce refers to the process of reselling previouslyowned or used products as whole goods and / or the recycling of an item’s components or materials for re-use

– In many ways, it’s not! Known as “endof-life” recycling, our recommerce professionals specialize in the extraction, collection, and resale of high-value recyclables

– More consumers are demanding sustainable reuse practices across industries. Today, the most common recommerce items are: cars, jewelry, clothing, electronics, gym equipment, furniture, and musical instruments

– We specialize in asset recommerce with fine retail, jewelry, clothing, books, vinyl records, and other commercial whole goods – but have supported our partners across a range of products and raw materials

– Yes, we purchase new, used, return, floor model, overstock, and defective goods. Each product is resold or recycled properly according to condition in order to maintain the integrity of our brand and our partners’ brands

– We work with all of our partners to pinpoint the proper recommerce channels in order to maximize the value to our partners and ensure customer satisfaction


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