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About Snap Recommerce

We are a team of Professionals

Snap Recommerce, based in Dallas, TX, has more than two decades of experience dealing in fine wholesale, factory, return, and recommerce items – providing large retail partners with liquidity and flexibility in asset disposition. We recycle, repair, and resell whole goods through online auction, brick & mortar, and direct sales with both domestic and international partners to maximize the value we offer our partners.

Unlike others, Snap is positioned to offer discrete liquidity – committed to maintaining brands and offering refurbished products after service from our experienced craftspeople. Through our recommercialization process, we evaluate, grade, and repair items to offer our customers quality recommerce products at reasonable prices. We strive to offer quick turnaround, competitive bids, and close partnership to provide the best possible service and return for both our customers and partners.

Our Mission Statement

Fair dealing and integrity are central to our business. We seek to maximize value for our partners, deal transparently with customers, and maintain the highest standards in sustainability. At Snap Recommerce, we understand we play a role in supporting our partners and are committed to recommerce, resale, and recyle methods that are collectively in their best interests.


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